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About Lisa Dominici

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Lisa is an outdoor enthusiast and Triathlete, and has competed in Sprint, Olympic, and Half-Ironman distance triathlons, Spartan races, numerous half marathons, ice-climbing, polar plunging, backpacking and always, hiking. Her career path and love of the outdoors bolsters her passion for a happy, healthy and fitness focused lifestyle. An eternal optimist, kindness pusher and adrenaline junkie, Lisa creates mental and physical goals and works toward them, rain or shine.

In addition to her love of athletics, Lisa is passionate and committed to philanthropic organizations in her community. She serves as executive director for the Rye Youth Council, a non-profit youth advocate organization whose core values are centered on the fact that our childrens’ social, emotional and mental well-being are essential for their academic and lifelong success. She is vice president of the Rye Triathlon Inc board, where she is responsible for marketing, PR, member growth and retention, and managed the marketing and PR as a committee member of Westchester Triathlon, Inc. She has served on the Board of Soul Ryeders, a volunteer-driven charitable organization committed to empowering those in her community who are affected by cancer.  Lisa co-created and co-chairs the annual Tie The Town Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which over the past five years has raised more than $100,000.

A performance-driven digital strategist, Lisa’s career has focused on health and lifestyle marketing with a focus on product marketing, account management, integrated marketing, consultative client services, sales development, solution development, B2B & B2C marketing / operations, and staff management. She has 20+ years delivering value for clients through the creation of high-engagement patient and consumer programs and development of customized online, mobile and print solutions for health and wellness brands.

Contact: lisadominici11@gmail.com. @LisaBeanAmor